#60: Expectations

by ZainRMian

I don’t like expectations. I don’t like being expected to achieve anything. Too much pressure. I’d much rather have people expect nothing of me. The advantage’s two-fold, you see. For one, I can do my best without worrying about having to reach this absolute to gauge my success. I feel that if you give your best, that’s always good enough. Secondly, well, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t get a kick out of proving people wrong.

Then, again, coming back to what I was talking about: expectations. Well, not all expectations are bad, I think. Expectations you have for yourself are good. They push you forward. Urge you on, tell you you’ve got to expect better of yourself. Give you impetus, basically. And that’s the thing they’re good for.

Expectations from others, I’d rather not have burden me. Especially when you know you can’t meet them. I know, I know. They expect things from you for a reason. You’ve done good things before, you could do them again. Simple enough reasoning, sure. But, people don’t understand there are other things, too. Such as luck. Sometimes you have it, sometimes you don’t. That’s just the way things are. And, for me at least, I really believe luck has a big role to play in some of things I do. It’s wrong to expect me to reproduce the same things again and again. Call it self-confidence issues or whatever, but I believe it.

Some of us just need a break sometimes.