#52: Chicken and Bricks

Let me tell you a story. Three weeks ago, I had to go this competition. It was pretty early in the morning- around nine or ten I’m guessing. Can’t really remember. So, yes. My mom made me breakfast. Chicken kebab toast. As brilliant as it would’ve been, I’m sure, I was in a hurry. So. I put it in my cupboard. I swear I was going to eat it later. Cross my heart and hope to die.

Fast-forward to today. I opened my cupboard. Remembered something. Felt for said something in the back, and, lo and behold! My sandwich had turned to brick. The crust, the chicken kebab, everything. Hard as stone, I swear. In fact, I had this poster I had to nail into my bedroom wall and I used the sandwich as a hammer. I’ve kept it in my toolbox for the time being.