Poem #01: Our Zeitgeist

Ominous and dark, they linger
Harbingers, of times of trial and test,
Looming over the horizon,
Effusion, of rain and blood and sweat.
The heart it cringes and the mind, withdraws,
Bolls; of tainted cotton
Progressing through sullen sky,
Nigh, approach the despondent greys,
Trudging above forlorn eyes.
But, as the eyes cast down in defeat,
And they laid down the arms of hope
A blade of brilliant light,
Perforates the shroud.
And on shines glorious hope!
Through the beaten clouds
And the eyes, they open towards the heavens and see
’twas destiny
that intervened.
*I wrote this some time before my O-level exams which, supposedly, either make or break your life. The result’s due in about a week, so I hope you’ll sympathise.