#57: Little Things

Today, I had an interesting bit of conversation with a friend. About little things. About how they make our day better, worthwhile, even if they’re nothing more than fleeting moments- only seconds long, maybe even less. Like the wind suddenly picking up sometimes and brushing past your face. Like the starry sky at night, when you sit on top of your roof just to watch it, or go for a walk down your street. Like the freshly cut grass in the park on warm summer evenings just before you play a game of football with the neighbours.

But, oh, there are so many other things, too. Cloudy days being my favourite. Grey skies. Slightly cold, windy evenings- just enough to put on a windbreaker, but still enough, too, to enjoy going without one just as much. Light, drizzling, dripping rain. Soft ground to walk on. Barefoot. You know, stuff like that. All together. It just makes you inexplicably happy.

Then, then, then, there’re other things, too. Like a person’s laugh. Like their smile. A little joke someone cracks, maybe. Things that stick in your head all day, make you smile when you think about them, or send you into fits of laughter in the middle of everything, while you’re standing in line at the cafeteria, or while everybody else is focusing in Chemistry class, or while you’re listening to music on the bus ride home. Stuff like that. Little things. Important things.